Appleton Area Hockey Association Photos

2019-2020 Appleton Area Hockey Association Photos


Orders, including customized, will be processed and submitted to my lab in the order they are received.  Once submitted to the lab, your prints and/or products, in general, will arrive at your home within 3-5 business days.  Occasionally certain products take longer, but their speed has been surprising me for years, and it virtually never happens.

You are free to look through your photos – online ordering is now available, there is no window you need to worry about.  If you place an order and a week later realize you’d like something else, you’re more than welcome to place another!

As I am aiming to provide a fun level of customized products for you and your skaters alike, not every single option for them is immediately available as a drop-down menu item to simply click and buy.  If you ordered a Hockey Card or Memory Mate, please remember to fill out the form on the order confirmation page for those items.

For player posters, I will contact you shortly after your order to discuss any specialty looks or feels you may want incorporated into them.  Examples are, but not limited to, full color, high contrast/gritty black and white, special placement/knock out of Blades logos, etc.

I look forward to providing you and your families with fun and high-quality products to document this stage in your skater’s hockey career.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

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