Getting the Blog Band back together!

My career as a bad writer is being revived after being yelled at by my web administrator. “You need to populate higher organically! You need more blog content!” I don’t know. I wasn’t really listening to him. Anyway, so now I’ll probably be posting here when I put things up […]

New Floors!

The two new 6 x 8′ pieces of flooring are finally done.  The closest is the distressed white, then middle is the dark/gloss look, and the one in the back is the one I had done a few years ago, the reclaimed pine floor. The two new floors are one […]

We Have a Studio!

Well, after a ton of time and money have gone into this thing, FINALLY, we have a halfway respectable studio building!  There are still things to do – face the visible support posts for the loft with nicer wood and trim around them, possibly do the ceiling under the loft […]


The theme of this week’s blog post is “Takin’ Care of Business”. First order of business, bright and early on Monday morning, was to clean up the basement that became flooded when both sump pumps stopped working.  I spent about 10 hours on my hands and knees (after panicking and […]

Actual Progress!

This past weekend was very good for progress on the studio! The bathroom has been completely drywalled, mudded, and is ready for painting.  Special thanks to Jason Roosevelt for his help and guidance with the hanging of said drywall.  What a mess!  I helped with the hanging (including shooting a […]