We Have a Studio!

Well, after a ton of time and money have gone into this thing, FINALLY, we have a halfway respectable studio building!  There are still things to do – face the visible support posts for the loft with nicer wood and trim around them, possibly do the ceiling under the loft (where the ladder and junk are currently located), stain the bathroom door and window housings, and get storage and shelving for props and such (currently located wherever I can fit them), but otherwise, this thing is nearly complete!  I do want to make another wall or two to mount on the beam, as well.


Changing room (there is tall mirror on the wall that I am standing against):


More blog posts to come as events warrant, but most of them will likely be regarding recent shoots and other things – until I build another moveable wall or two at least!

Thank you again to everyone who helped me with this beast of a project!

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