More progress in the studio and one unrelated note

A short update this time since I actually have a bunch of work to do this week, not counting what’s left to do in the studio disaster area.

The flooring is installed!  Special thanks again to Clayton Harma for his help with the installation of most of it.  It went a lot faster with two of us working on it!  Shout out to his father in law Bill, who although not present, did lend us his laminate cutter which made things a lot faster and less messy than they’d otherwise have been.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and the leveling job with the cement (a’la Clayton & Bill) is great – you can hardly feel where it was.

Next up is a SERIOUS cleaning.  Between what was in there when we moved in and the dust that has accumulated from sawing wood and doing drywall, everything has a nasty coating on it.  Following that will be installation of some sort of trim around the edges of the floor, door molding in the inside of the bathroom (possibly a new door), painting the support posts for the i-beam that holds the moveable wall (soon to be plural), installation of sliding door for the change room, bench for change room, large rug and furniture for waiting/sitting around area, general shelves and storage area construction, and probably other stuff I’m forgetting.

Still a lot to do, but things have come a long way — thanks mostly from the generous help of my friends and relatives.

The other thing that I’ll quick mention is that I had a meeting over some coffee today with a couple of folks from the American Cancer Society.  I’m going to be working with them on a couple of projects in the near future that will hopefully go on indefinitely.  Most of you know that I lost my dad to cancer almost 7 years ago, and it was right as he was retiring and moving up by me.  I grew up in a divorced household living with my mom and seeing my dad occasionally – less so once we moved a couple hours north of him at age 13.  That said, it completely robbed me and my family of a chance to live near him and spend the kind of time with him that we always wanted to, and it has affected how I look at things, including my photography.  I am looking forward to working with the ACS to raise money and use my services to help make things better for others.  More on that soon.

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