An entire week spent building and fixing things…

With the invaluable help of my father-in-law, the affable Dennis Erhardt, some major progress was made this week in studio-land.

-Bathroom is finished! (except for molding/trim, hanging a mirror, and painting the door).  Dennis was hugely instrumental on plumbing, as well as accidentally draining a portion of the 40 gallon water heater all over the place when we were removing it to install a 2.5 gallon.

-The changing room was framed in with design and structure tips a’la Dennis, as well as Electric by Dennis™.  I handled the awful job of drywalling it, mudding it, and it has just finished being painted, evident by the fact that I have paint all over me as I write this.

I also made somewhere around 12-14 trips to Menards this week, starting with three alone on Easter Sunday of all things.

Summarizing a week’s worth of work into the above two bullet points makes it look like not that much, but man it was a TON.  I have an entirely new appreciation of how much work goes into constructing a whole house based on how long it took to make just a ~40 square foot room from scratch.

Next up is to clean up the disaster zone the studio has become up as I have two sessions upcoming before I will get another chance to work on it.  The floor is unsightly at best, with the large blob of leveling concrete in the middle of it, so I’ll have to hide that under rugs!

After that, it’s time to start installing the flooring in the general studio area.  Nearly 1200 sq. ft. of it!  Once that is in, I can pick out trim and install it in the bathroom and changing room, buy a sliding barn door for the changing room, and then purchase a large area rug and furniture for the sitting/waiting area that I plan to have right when you come in the door.

Behold!  A virtual feast of photos! Well… four of them, anyway.

Changing room framed and with electric.

And then drywalled.

Finally done after mudding and painting.  Skip troweling again saves the day on not sanding seams forever and making things more of a mess than they already are!

Faucet and vanity in the bathroom.  I got one of the faucets that I’ve always wanted for in my house where the water comes out of top of it!  NOT pictured, the sink drain pipe that has to come out of the right side of the cabinet and run across the wall and behind the toilet because someone felt it was best, for some reason, to have the drain there and not on the wall the sink was actually on.  (I plan on building a little wooden shelf thing to cover it because it looks ridiculous).

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