The theme of this week’s blog post is “Takin’ Care of Business”.

First order of business, bright and early on Monday morning, was to clean up the basement that became flooded when both sump pumps stopped working.  I spent about 10 hours on my hands and knees (after panicking and trying to clean up the mess with every towel in the house — after fixing the sump pumps of course) with a shop vac and thought I had things under control.  I was concentrating on the sump pit area, that unfinished portion of the basement, and the 6 or so feet that I *thought* the water had made it to from that general direction.  Then later on I went to the other side of the basement to get something and realized every one of my footsteps was creating a splash.  This induced panic (more than before), more shop vac’ing, and I had to call in someone who knew what they were doing and had the equipment to do it.  Come Tuesday morning, a device that squeezed all the carpet was brought in and rolled around, a couple dozen industrial sized fans were set up, and two dehumidifiers the size of small refrigerators were set up.

It all sounds like I am living in an airborne zeppelin, and as of this writing, remains so.

I was still able to take care of some other photography-related business, as well!  My initial mudding and sanding efforts of the drywall joints in my studio bathroom were a colossal failure at best, and you could see the seams in the drywall measured in units of miles.  SO, having recently discovered that sanding drywall mud is both awful AND messy, I bought MORE joint compound and skip troweled it… that ‘Santa Fe’ type texture.  It was a smashing success in the sense that it looks alright (not as nice as my house, which is done in the same texture), but the drywall seams are 100% gone, and that’s good enough for me!  I then painted the bathroom yesterday and cut/laid out tile for the floor.  Today I cemented the tile down and hopefully tomorrow it will be dry enough to grout, meaning I can put the toilet back in there, the sink that I bought, and finally some trim to make it complete.

There’s a ton left to do.  I made a huge list of everything I could think of, which I promptly lost, so I can’t think of everything at the moment.  The next thing, however, is to frame in a changing room and run electric into it so it can have light (always a nice feature), which will be followed by more drywalling, more mudding of seams, and certainly more skip troweling.

After that — time to install the wood flooring (assuming it’s here by then).

By popular demand (I can say that because while only — I think — three people read the blog entry I posted last, TWO of them directly asked for images, making the demand, by definition, popular), here are some images.  The first two are of the S. S. Moveable Wall (part II coming once the studio itself is outfitted well enough to worry about non-essentials).  The chains you see on the second photo are what raises and lowers it, and when that side is being used, they just flop over the top to the other side of the wall.  The last photo is the fruit of my tiling efforts from today and yesterday, pink hue unintentional.

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