Actual Progress!

This past weekend was very good for progress on the studio!

The bathroom has been completely drywalled, mudded, and is ready for painting.  Special thanks to Jason Roosevelt for his help and guidance with the hanging of said drywall.  What a mess!  I helped with the hanging (including shooting a drill bit through my finger/fingernail) and then did all of the mudding, sanding, and eventual painting.  Please remember when you’re in there to go easy on me!

Jason also helped me construct one of hopefully several very large moveable walls.  Standing 8 feet high and spanning 10 feet across, the wall features reclaimed barn wood on both sides, one side with a very weathered look and what remains of the red paint, and the other side with the opposite sides of those same kind of boards, what you would see inside the barn.  The wall itself is hoisted, moved, and swiveled on a huge I-beam that happened to be in the building along with a trolley that guides along it and a chain pulley system.  It’s really cool!

The floor has also been leveled out thanks to concrete work by my friend Clayton Harma and his father-in-law, Bill.  I know nothing at all about concrete, and despite my best efforts to “help” and likely ruin it all, these guys insisted on doing it all!

Celebrations were had on Saturday night after the conclusion of work.  I may or may not have felt very good on Sunday.

Next up will be to finish painting the bathroom, tile the floor, purchase and install a sink, counter, and vanity, and then reinstall the toilet.

After that, I will frame in the changing room, run electric into it for a light, drywall (if anyone wants to come drywall please feel free because it’s just awful!), mud, paint, blah blah.  Then comes the installation of the tons of flooring I bought last night for the main studio area!

I’m happy with how things are going, but at the same time there’s so much left to do it’s intimidating.   I look forward to it being done, however, and having not only a great place to take photos, but a place that’s also comfortable to utilize and looks cool, too!

Film at 11.

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