Wedding show and renovation week!

I did my second wedding show this year (and fourth overall) with Visuelle Productions yesterday at the Appleton PAC. It was a pretty good crowd and I had a lot of great face-to-face time with prospective customers and folks who just stopped by to ask a question or two about my work.

For me, these shows can be a bit of a trial because I am not a great salesman. I definitely enjoy my time at them, and meeting new people and talking to them about their upcoming event and my work is great!  I have a very easy time talking to my clients and prospective clients in a one-on-one situation, but in a situation like the show, which is almost “speed dating for wedding vendors”, I feel like I sometimes struggle a bit in the small window of time I have with each person with the right things to say!  Something to work on! I’ve had pretty good results from the previous Visuelle shows in the past, and plan to continue going forward with them! Hopefully I’ll see some bookings from this last one!

On that note – NO MORE DOORS! For anyone that has helped at all with my booth (setting it up, designing, etc) or been around my studio and seen it disassembled, you know that the primary component of it are three quite heavy 100 year old wood four-panel doors. Lugging them in and out of crowded convention halls has been a good workout, but their days are now done as I have ordered a proper pop-up trade show booth to replace them! New design on the booth will commence once it arrives, and I believe the next show is fall sometime. The doors will remain at the studio and be used most likely as a backdrop.

And lastly, actual renovations begin on the studio this week! They started (kind of) last week when I finally got my three seamless vinyl backdrops mounted into a system that both gets them out of the way AND has a chain-drive roll up system. No more of me getting up on a ladder to manually roll them up!

Items on the agenda for this week and weekend’s festivities:
1. Pull walls, sink, vanity, and toilet out of bathroom.
2. Float cement to level floor in preparation for wood floor install
3. Frame in changing room
4. Construct and hang the first of (hopeful) several large hanging walls that will serve as backdrops. The first will be reclaimed barn wood on one side and bricks on the other.

Anyone wanting to drop by and help is welcome… construction beers are on the house! 😉

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