First Blog Post! Studio is a bonafide HOT MESS!

It has been suggested to me that I start a blog for my website. Mostly to help with my site’s SEO, but surely there is a group of people out there who want to see the interesting things I have to say… like my mom! And my grandma… if she knew how to use the Interwebs™. They’re all that come to mind, but I guess you never know! So I’ll be posting in here kind of like I do on Facebook, occasionally with a handful of shots from sessions that I feel went particularly well, stuff like that.

To start with, however, here is something that ISN’T good looking!  My studio!  It’s a great space, but it needs a lot of work.  1200 sq. ft. of space and a bathroom.  Insulated, heated… but it looks like someplace you’d work on cars right now… because that is exactly what it is.    First plan of action is to level out the concrete floor.  You can see a drain in the middle there, and that drops about 1.5″ from the floor around it gradually going out in a radius of about 10 feet.  I’m going to have to permanently seal off the drain and then float cement over that huge area to level it off.

Once that is done, I will be installing flooring (likely laminate wood) in the main area and probably tile in the bathroom area.  The bathroom isn’t very big, and is currently dominated by a utility sink that’s pretty large.  I plan to remove that and install a much nicer looking sink/counter top.  I will also be doing something with the walls in there.  If you have any suggestions (photo of bathroom below) feel free to fire away!  That drain pipe from the sink is the part I’m not sure what to do with.

The back of the room has a very large loft about 8 feet in the air with no way to get up onto it!  I’m going to build a staircase on the far left side of the room.  I imagine it will be used for storage of props mostly.  Possibly a vantage point for certain type of photographs.

Under that loft, where you see the black and small white refrigerators currently residing, I plan to build in a changing room, hopefully with a large sliding door.  To the right of that, where there is a stove that can be seen in the first photo above, I’d like to put things like drinks and snacks for folks.


Finally, here is the wall you see as you walk in.  My idea when initially figuring out what to do with the inside of this building was to sheetrock all the walls from the floor up about 8 feet and leave it industrial-looking after that point.  There is no way I am going to be able to hide all of the things in this building that make it what it currently is.  There is a HUUUUGE garage door that opens up on a wall that isn’t pictured that is almost certainly never going away, so the accompanying door opener is mounted in the middle of the ceiling.  The heating elements (two of them – very large) can’t be covered up.  Perhaps someday I’ll install duct work up there and have forced air heating and cooling, but for now, these do quite the job… they just don’t look good doing it.

That all said, I decided to forego drywalling the entirety of the building and decided to only do certain areas.  The changing room and little snack area probably under the loft and hopefully the bathroom.

With the wall in question above, I was thinking I would do half of it in old reclaimed barn wood and half in brick facade.  It’ll look really weird but it’ll be good for photo backdrops.  I just bought 200 sq. ft. of barn wood yesterday!  But then I was thinking – I want to also have moveable walls in the studio… different colors, different wallpapers perhaps.  Why not make those two things ALSO moveable.  Especially with looking like actual outdoor walls, it is probably a good idea to have them be able to be wheeled outside for shots and not solely for use indoors.  The studio and my home are located on 10.5 acres of land that is great for photography to begin with, and that would be a great added feature.  At least I think it would!

So in the meantime I have some barn wood, a loose plan for leveling the floor, and no idea how I’m going to build moveable walls, shutters for the windows, or basically get anything else mentioned above done, along with a bunch of other things like mounting rolled backdrops and procuring/mounting new lighting, etc.  If you are handy and want to come help I have multiple fridges full of beer, a couple shelves of whiskey, and the ability to order pizza at a moment’s notice.  I’ll look for you coming up the driveway!

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